Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tough Love.

episode 97.
airdate: 1 May 2001.

Buffy goes to tell a professor she has to drop his class, all her classes, actually. He understands.

Ben is in trouble at work, he's fired actually, because he doesn't show up very often, hasn't in two weeks in fact. Glory is taking over for longer periods of time, I guess...getting stronger.

Glory is taking a bath while blindfolded minions serve her Mimosas and chocolates and describe everything they saw when they spied on Buffy and her friends/family. Buffy is at a meeting with Dawn's principal. Apparently she hasn't been going to school. Buffy is asking Giles what to do, suggests Giles be the disciplinarian for Dawn. Giles says she needs to step up and deal, be the grown-up. Buffy is being all super-serious now.

Glory thinks she knows who the Key is now. She's going to "collect" her now. Tara and Willow have an argument, their first...about magic. Tara says she's "frightened" by how proficient Willow is getting with magic. Willow is overly sensitive, because she really can't be trusted entirely with the magic stuff. Willow storms out. Buffy and Dawn are fighting too. Buffy reveals to Dawn that Social Services will take her away if it doesn't work out with Buffy being "legal guardian". Buffy is terrible at folding towels. It really may not work out (I'm kidding of course--folding towels is really not important, so much...how, anyway. It is important that you do it.).

Glory shows up at the fair and sits next to Tara. One of the minions shows at the magic shop and Giles threatens to tie him up and he squeals, revealing that Glory has gone to get the Key. Mentions she's a "witch". Willow goes to find Tara. Glory breaks Tara's hand. She tastes Tara's hand-blood and realizes she's not the Key. Now she wants Tara to tell her who the Key really is. Threatens to eat her brain if she doesn't tell. Tara is saying nothing and Glory is getting all crazy. Just as Willow is running to her, Glory eats her brain and disappears. Tara's crazy now. Willow is sad and blames herself for not being there. They take her to the hospital to fix her hand. The doc says she has to spend the night in the psych ward. Buffy gets to the hospital last because she dropped Dawn off with Spike.

*Pausing for a sec. Man, this writing for 6 hours a day thing is really sucking the brains outta ME, that's for sure. Camp NaNoWriMo is harrrrrrrd. And this is only the third episode. I'm supposed to do one more. And my fingers hurt from all the typing. And I haven't left the house all day and barely left yesterday. I'm sucked into Buffy writing world. Ok, bitching over. I hear NaNoWriMo is hardest at the beginning of week 2, right?

Dawn is feeling hopeless. Blames herself for what happened to Tara. She doesn't even know what she is. Blames herself for how injured Spike is too. She must be something "so horrible to cause so much pain and evil". Spike says he knows evil and she isn't it.

Xander and Buffy try to calm Willow. Willow tries to leave to take on Glory. Buffy tries to stop her. Talk her down. Willow pretends to be dissuaded. Buffy is fooled and leaves Willow alone. Willow goes to the "off limits" section of the magic shop. She finds a book called "Darkest Magick". Glory is gloating when Willow arrives. Her eyes are black and she'd gliding through the air. "I owe you PAIN." Buffy is back at Spike's comforting her. She tells Dawn she calmed Willow down after she wanted to go all "paybacky on Glory". Spike's like, "and you believed her? Riiiiiight." Buffy goes to Glory's. Willow is kicking Glory's ass a little, but not enough. Buffy gets there just in time. Fighting. They get away.

Buffy, Willow, Dawn, and Tara are hiding out at Tara's. Willow is going to take care of her, indefinitely. Glory shows up. Tara calls Dawn "pure green energy"...then, credits.