Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Weight of the World.

episode 99.
airdate: 15 May 2001.

Glory is feeling more human lately, not happy, though she has everything she wants and the time has come. Dawn is tied and gagged. Buffy is still catatonic. Spike slaps her and shakes her. Willow tries to talk to her. Xander and Spike start fighting.

Willow separates them with magic and starts laying out the plan. Anya will look after Tara, Spike goes to find where Glory is, Xander gets Giles to the hospital, and Willow will try to get into Buffy's mind to bring her back out. Spike asks Willow what he should do if he runs into Ben. Remember they all saw him change into Glory. Willow says Buffy doesn't need a doctor right now. So we then realize that Spike is the only one that remembers that Ben is Glory. Even when he tells them they all seem confused and keep forgetting again and again. Spike realizes Glory has a "mojo" so that humans forget if they see the transformation...apparently even if they talk about the transformation. Spike tries to beat it into everyone for like five minutes.

Glory is comforting to Dawn. Offers her pizza. Dawn tells her not to call her "Dawny" and Glory's feelings are hurt. She's feeling guilt. She's feeling things. Turns out Dawn's blood is the "key to the Key". She has to be bled dry to open the portal. Willow, Tara, Anya, and Buffy are at Xander's. Anya will look after Tara while Willow takes B to Xander and Anya's bedroom to try spells to enter her mind and coax her back out of her catatonic state. When Willow gets in she's in Buffy's childhood home the day Dawn is brought home from the hospital after being born.

Spike gets to Glory's apartment, but she's no longer there. Ben has a little simple room hidden away behind all Glory's pretty things.

Buffy's mom and dad are still together. They bring Dawn home and she holds her baby sister. "I could be the one to look after her sometimes." Then suddenly we're watching Buffy shelve books at the magic shop, then at the campfire of Buffy's spirit quest. She's in a loop. Giles is already being released from the hospital. Spike has no leads on where Glory is but he's going to consult someone he knows "demon, bookish, ties to the magical world". Glory is starting to remember things from Ben's life, is changing frequently from Glory to Ben. This is apparently her price for dealing with the serious magics involved in opening the portal.

Willow hears the First Slayer telling Buffy "death is your gift" from the ritual. Glory starts asking Dawn how you deal as a human. As a slave to hormones and feelings. She genuinely wants to know. "Who's not crazy? Everyone's drinking, smoking, shooting least I admit the world makes me nuts. Name one person who can take it here." Dawn answers "Buffy". Buffy is leading Willow to her mom's room. Her grave is in there. Then she goes to Dawn's room and she's crying on her bed. Buffy suffocates her. This is her current interpretation of "death is my gift". Glory changes to Ben: "Has Glory hurt you?" He's also remembering all the things Glory has done...they're merging. The magic that keeps the two of them separated is breaking down. Ben fights one of the minions and says "I'll take you as far as I can, then ditch you when she comes back." They're back at the beginning of Buffy's mind loop.

Xander and Spike go visit the demon-creepy dude from "Forever". He refuses to help them, but Spike realizes he's standing in front of "the very thing we need". He throws a fancy box into his fireplace, Xander stabs him, and Spike gets the box back. Dawn hits Ben over the head to try to get away, but then he's Glory again. Ben and Glory start arguing, turning back and forth rapidly. Dawn tries to sneak away as they're arguing, but Glory doesn't let her. Glory says she can make Ben immortal if he cooperates. He apparently decides to side with Glory.

Willow asks Buffy what happened in the part of the loop where Buffy is shelving a book in the magic shop. She says she "quit just for a second". It was this moment that she realized she can't beat Glory and she wanted it to happen. She wanted it to be over. She decides this is the moment she "killed Dawn" because some part of her wanted it. Willow decides to stop humoring Buffy: "Snap out of it! All of this has a's called guilt and it's important, but it's not more than've carried the weight of the world on your shoulders since high school...and you wanted out for one second. So what?" Buffy keeps asserting that she killed Dawn and Willow reminds her this hasn't happened and she can still prevent it if she comes back. Willow says she's going where Buffy is needed. "You coming?" She does. She cries. I cry. Willow comforts her.

They're all at the magic shop. Giles says once the ritual starts it cannot be stopped. Only the end of the bloodletting will close the portal once it has opened. "Buffy, the only way is to kill Dawn." says Giles.