Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dead Things.

episode 113.
airdate: 5 Feb 2002.

Buffy and Spike are doing it. They banter a bit after. Spike acknowledges that they're "having a conversation". She doesn't run out like she usually would. Spike tells her she's amazing, that he's never been with such an animal. She starts to go and Spike asks her if she even likes him. Asks if she trusts him and she says "Never".

Jonathan, Andrew, and Warren are doing a spell to create a "cerebral dampener" to make someone their sex slave. A cerebral dampener is NOT consent! Tara goes to visit B at her gross job, was asked to visit her, I guess. Tara is worried that it's about Willow and magic, but B tells her Willow is doing really well. B wants to know why Spike can hurt her, why his chip doesn't work with her and she thinks Tara can help. She wants to know about the spell that brought her back.

Warren is at a bar with the other two in the van talking to him via earpiece. He has video on his tie so they can see and they're supposed to be helping him find their sex slave, but he zeros in on Katrina, his ex-girlfriend. They don't know she's his ex, though. She tells him to leave her alone. He uses the cerebral thingy on her. She calls him Master two seconds after telling him he's disgusting or something to that effect.

Buffy, Anya, Willow, and Xander go to the Bronze. Dawn is night-spending at Janice's. Katrina is back at the troika's lair. Ugh, I can't believe Andrew or Jonathan would agree to this terrible sex slave stuff. The spell wears off before poor Katrina can be violated. Katrina yells at them and tells them "it's rape". Andrew and Jonathan are shocked. They didn't think of it like that. She tries to get away, but Warren hits her over the head with a bottle. He wants to give her "another dose". She's dead. Warren is evil. Jonathan and Andrew are traumatized, but Warren says "we did this" and he tries to troubleshoot a way to get rid of the body. Andrew and Jonathan want to go to the police. Warren thinks of some plan to get rid of the Slayer and the body at the same time. Anya, Willow, and Xander are dancing to swing music at the Bronze when B goes to the balcony to be alone. Spike shows up and fucks her from behind. Wow. That's disturbing. He whispers things in her ears about how she's separated from them. That she always ends up in the dark with him. That's so public. He's telling her she belongs in the shadows with him. This is a form of rape too. Because he's isolating her from her friends on purpose.

Willow is wearing the jacket she'll wear when she tries to end the world. Willow and Xander run into Tara coming out of the magic shop. Willow tells Tara she's been magic-free for 32 days. It's a sweet little interaction. Bush's "Out of This World" plays as B goes to Spike's door, but doesn't go in. "Are we drowning or waving?" She's trying to think about anything else, but then she sees Katrina crying on the ground. Then some demons show up, then she's alone again, then she's with Spike, then the demons are back. She's looping, like she did in the magic shop that day Jonathan did a spell on her. She sees Katrina rolls down a hill. Spike was really there helping her fight the demons. She runs after Katrina and she's dead, of course. I don't think B knows it's Katrina, as she only saw her once for a few minutes. She's horrified because she thinks she killed her. Spike drags her away, tells her it was an accident, that he'll sort it out and she needs to go home to bed.

Buffy is having terrible dreams, mixing up memories of Spike with (fake)memories of killing Katrina. She goes in to see Dawn. Wakes her up and tells her she has to turn herself into the police. Dawn tells her she's never there anyway. As Buffy is going to the police station, Spike stops her. She asks him what he did and he says "no one will ever find her", but then the police say they found someone by the river. He reminds her it wasn't her fault. She starts beating Spike up and he plays the game to distract her from turning herself in. She starts deconstructing, beating him senseless...then she's horrified at what she did to him. She still goes into the station. She overhears the police saying the victim's name on the phone and she leaves.

The next day at the magic shop Anya is explaining the type of demon Buffy was fighting. It causes temporal disturbances and hallucinations to be exposed to the demon for even a few seconds. So now they know Warren probably did this. Tara tells Buffy there's nothing wrong with her, that she just came back slightly different. Different enough to throw off Spike's chip. Buffy breaks down sobbing in Tara's lap, Tara guesses what she's been doing with Spike. Stellar crying performance as always, Sarah Michelle. Damn. I love how she gets all wide-eyed and dead and then her mouth gets all twisty. One of my favorite cryers ever. Tara promises she won't tell anyone and tries to justify why she might be feeling this way about Spike, but Buffy keeps saying "Please don't forgive me...please don't forgive me."