Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wrecked.

episode 110.
airdate: 27 Nov 2001.

Cartoons. Buffy and Willow didn't come home all night.

Buffy wakes up freaked out. Spike seems pretty calm. His life of Slayer killing leads to his first Slayer-doing. Yeah, I said that. I'm crude. She calls him convenient. Hurts his feelings. He taunts her a bit, she punches him, almost has sex with him again, not all in that order. Tara makes Dawn pancakes as they wait to see if they should call around to find B and W. Willow walks in the door with Amy. Willow explains "Amy the rat", you know, not Amy the Date. And then Amy starts going on and on about all the spells Willow did the night before. Buffy comes in all "sore and limpy". Limpy? Really? They did it THAT much? Amy leaves to go visit her dad. Buffy and Willow both decide to go to bed. Willow tries to make her curtains shut with magic, but she's all drained, so she has to get up to shut them. Poor Willow.

Ah! Anya is all bleach blond. Weird. Back at the magic shop they're still trying to research who robbed the museum. Xander again warns about Willow hanging out with Amy and Buffy defends her, again overidentifying.

Willow and Amy go out again the next night and W is whining about how wiped she was after the night before and Amy suggests going to some crazy warlock dude that knows spells with "no burnout". How the hell does she know some underground warlock guy when she's been a rat for three years?! Not terribly believable, but ok. It's this invisible crack house in the middle of an alley. The guy, "Rack", is drawn to Willow and her power. He wants something in return for the spells, just a little glimpse into her mind apparently. It's really creepy. Then there's druggy music and Willow is on the ceiling. Willow later wakes up in her house, not knowing how she got home. She cries in the shower.

Willow offers to buy Dawn dinner and a movie.

When B gets home later she hears something upstairs and finds Amy rifling through Willow's stuff. She broke in to steal spell stuff. Amy mentions Willow is probably at Rack's and B shakes info out of her about how she has to "feel" out the place. B goes to get Spike to help her find it. Willow takes Dawn to Rack's. Dawn ends up waiting for a really long time. They miss the movie.

Willow finally emerges and she's all high and her eyes are black. Willow wants to go do something "grown-up" and makes fun of Dawn when she says she just wants to go home. Willow and Dawn run into a demon that Willow summoned with her magic. They steal a car to get away and Willow drives it with magic, laughing, no hand on the wheel. They run into a pole or something. Dawn wakes up first after the accident and has to fight the demon herself, which she does by hiding under the car and screaming. Buffy and Spike are nearby and go help her. So B is literally fighting Willow's demons for her at this point. She HAS to admit what Willow is doing now. B screwing Spike really isn't as bad. She's choosing to have sex with someone. Yeah, he's a killer, etc, but they do have a lot in common. They've both spent their years fighting and killing and lamenting. She's neglecting her friends and family, yes, but what she's actually doing with that time is not so terrible. B is having a hard time killing the demon. Suddenly he burns into ash as Willow sparks behind the disintegrated body. Maybe she was the only one who could kill the thing she created with her magic?

B and Spike help Dawn up to take her to the hospital (her wrist is broken, I think) and they're ignoring Willow as she pleads with Dawn, telling her she's so sorry. Dawn slaps her. She collapses on the floor and they almost just leave her like that, but B goes back. Tells her to "get up". Confronts her about almost killing Dawn. Willow says she can't stop and she needs help. I think we're supposed to think she's the strong one here because she asks for help.

Buffy goes in to see Willow later. Willow keeps saying she's sorry. B tells her she doesn't need magic to be special. That Tara loves her. Willow is worried she's just "some girl" without the magic. She decides "no more spells". She says "It's over." and B agreees...overidentifying again. B puts up a bunch of garlic and sleeps with a cross to try to quiell HER addiction. So she's addicted to hot vampire sex...big deal.