Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Intervention.

episode 96.
airdate: 24 Apr 2001.

Giles, Buffy, and Dawn are doing dishes after a meal he made them. Giles asks her how she is and suggests they get back into training and B says she feels uneasy about slaying lately. She doesn't like how the slaying is making her into "stone". She laments not being there for Riley or Dawn. Giles tries to reassure her, but it doesn't work. Buffy doesn't want to lose her "heart". "Maybe being a Slayer means being too hard to love at all." Giles suggests a quest, spirit guide-type quest. A sacred place in the desert. She doesn't want to leave Dawn, but Dawn tells her she'll be ok.

Spike is admiring Warren's work at making his Buffy-bot.

Glory is telling the minions to investigate who's new in Buffy's life, who's precious. Giles is taking B to the desert for her quest. He does a funny gourd-shaking ritual. Spike is having fun with his new toy. Real Buffy is following a cat through the desert to get to the entrance of her quest-spot. "Hello kitty." Peaceful desert music, like from "Restless". Dawn steals Anya's earrings. The beginning of her kleptomania.

The minions are watching everyone. After lots of sex with the Buffybot, Spike is passed out and Buffybot goes to slay. She's been programmed to be just like B. The real Buffy is still waiting on a rock for her quest. Anya and Xander see Buffybot in the cemetery (they were patrolling for B while she's questing). Spike shows up and tries to diffuse the "Buffy's being weird" vibe going on. Vampires show up and Buffy stakes them, protecting Spike a lot. The minions see this. They send X and A home and then do it again. Xander observes that Buffy is still spacey from the quest. They see Buffy having sex with Spike. Xander and Anya get back to Xander's and tell Willow and Tara "Buffy is boinking Spike." Xander decides to go find Buffy and talk to her.

Real Buffy's quest finally starts. Xander shows up at Spike's and confronts him; minions show up and kidnap Spike. Buffy's spirit guide comes in the form of the First Slayer. "You're afraid that being the Slayer means losing your humanity." Tells her she loves with her "entire soul. Love is pain and the Slayer forges strength from pain. Love will bring you to your gift." Buffybot notices Spike is gone and goes to Willow. Willow is trying to accept that B had sex with Spike. Xander returns and tells everyone the minions took Spike. They're all looking to Buffy(bot) for answers and she says "I fight with weapons."

Real Buffy is asking questions of the guide. "Death is your gift." She doesn't accept this. But the guide leaves. The minions arrive with Spike, displaying him as the Key. Glory sniffs him and says the Key cannot be a vampire. The minions say B treated him as precious. Glory tortures him. Xander, Anya, Willow and Buffy(bot) are at B's house getting weapons when they suggest she go upstairs and get more weapons and change. After she goes they say they need to intervene about the doing it with Spike thing. Real Buffy gets home just then (obvs in a different outfit). Xander says "we care about you and we're worried about you". Buffy is confused, of course. Buffybot gets back from changing, only she didn't change. Xander says, "Hey, I know this! They're both Buffy!" Buffy immediately says, "No, she's a robot." They put it together. They update Buffy on the sitch with Glory/Spike.

Spike is chained up now and there's more torture. She's almost killing him, for information. He says he'll tell her who the Key is.

Buffy is taking charge and Giles is there now as they search for where Glory lives. Glory is giving Spike water because he said he'd talk. Spike says the Key is Bob Barker. He tells her he's not going to tell her anything. He starts mocking her. He does this so she kicks him so hard he's off his chains and he runs. He's very weak. He gets to the elevator just as everyone shows up. There's a fight: minions versus B and X. Who the hell is watching Dawn this whole time?

Giles and Buffybot show up to help with the fighting. Spike is barely conscious in the corner of the lobby. Buffybot saves Giles and starts short-circuiting. They all get out and Willow is working on the bot. Xander and Giles have taken Spike home. Buffy decides she needs to know if Spike squealed. Willow decides what's wrong with the Buffybot is "an easy fix". Xander sympathizes a bit with Spike because he was really "thrashed".

Buffybot shows up at Spike's. He looks terrible. "Why did you let that Glory hurt you?" "Because she wanted to know who the Key is..." "Well, I can tell her..." (Buffybot turns to go). Spike yells "No!" and stops her. Says she can never know, because the "not-so-pleasant" Buffy would be in too much pain if Glory got to Dawn. He'd rather Glory kill him than to see Buffy that hurt.

Wasn't the bot. Real Buffy is touched and kisses Spike. He realizes it's her. He asks about the bot as she's walking away and Buffy says she's "gone...gross and obscene...not even real". She almost walks out after saying this, then says "What you did for me and Dawn, that was real. I won't forget it." I know it's wrong, but I just rewound that scene and watched it again. It's a bit redemptive, yes?