Friday, April 19, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: As You Were.

episode 115.
airdate: 26 Feb 2002.

B is still working at Doublemeat Palace, in case you forgot. She fights a vamp on the way home. The vampire rejects biting her because she smells like fast food. She stakes him anyway, of course. Buffy does it with Spike in the front yard. She brings Dawn home Doublemeat again, but D says she can't eat it another night. Willow and Dawn invite B out to the Bronze. She refuses. Anya and Xander are nervous about the wedding, which is next week. Jeez. Willow is giddy about the possibility of getting closer to Tara again.

Riley shows up at the restaurant the next day with a new scar on his face. He needs to talk about something he's hunting. He needs her expertise. She leaves work without word. Rare, lethal, demon. He starts "debriefing" with his gadgets and she laughs at him for a second. The demon breeds like bunnies, so that's why it's a big deal. Anya and Xander are on their way to the airport to pick up Xander's uncle. They're all stressed because Anya is inviting a bunch of demons and Xander's whole family are crazy drunks. B is all flirty with Riley as they go after the demon. They're dramatically staring into each other's eyes when a chick that, big reveal, is Riley's wife. She's a black ops chick too and a good fighter. Buffy is thrown for a second, then B kills the demon. Riley and Sam are disappointed. They didn't want to kill it, which Riley forgot to mention. The three of them go back to B's house. Everyone is happy to see Riley. Willow tells Buffy she's "prepared to hate this woman" all best-friendy, because "you can't, but I can". B tells her to "go nuts".

The problem now is that the reason they wanted the demon alive was because they were going to let it lead them to its nest. So now they have to find the nest another way. Sam suggests to Will that she do a locating spell, as she heard she's "major league Wicca" and Will gets upset and leaves the room. Sam and Buffy are going in one direction with Riley in another. Sam goes and apologizes to Will: "I think I really stepped in it back there." She's cool and tough and sweet. A really great match for Riley. Sam tells B she's legendary, for being a Slayer, for being Riley's ex. She's real complimentary, a little overly personal, but she's again, perfect for Riley and B is feeling sad. She suggests they split up and goes to see Spike for information. She makes him tell her he loves her and wants her and they do it. Riley breaks in and sees them in bed together. Turns out Spike is the "doctor" that's selling the demon eggs on the black market that they're trying to find. Buffy is angry at Spike, of course. They find the eggs at Spike's and they start hatching.

Anya and Xander are hiding in the bathroom and they decide "our wedding is not our marriage". A distinction a lot of people don't seem to realize. My two cents about weddings for a sec: it's just a damn party. Have it however you usually enjoy your parties. You don't have to do all these traditional things and invite everyone you've ever known. You don't have to care if someone's offended you didn't invite. them. IT'S YOUR DAMN LIFE. K, I'm done.

Riley and Buffy talk after the battle is over and B thinks it was easy for Riley to come and flaunt his perfect life in front of Buffy's "pathetic" one. Poor thing. She lost her mom, she died, she lost her bf. Riley reminds Buffy that she's a"helluva woman". They all say their goodbyes. Everyone loves Riley and Sam.

B goes to see Spike. Breaks up with him. She does it respectfully. She even calls him William. Tells him she's been using him and she's been weak and selfish and that she's sorry. And then she walks out into the light.

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