Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Flooded.

airdate: 16 Oct 2001.

Buffy appears to be hunting for something. Turns out it's a leaky pipe. Dawn is offering to call the plumber, but Buffy thinks she can fix it. After tightening a pipe, the basement floods. They need all new pipes. Willow and Xander break it to Buffy that she is almost out of money. Her mom's life insurance was pretty much out after paying all her medical bills. Stupid medical bills. Way to make someone who's already poor even poorer. I live in fear of medical bills. Anya suggests Buffy charge people for her services of saving the world and stuff. "You can't charge innocent people for saving their lives!" Um, that's what medical bills ARE. Anya is still mad at Xander for not letting them tell everyone they're engaged. He has a big speech about how being a husband and being married is a big deal and he wants each step to be perfect. They kiss and it's super sweet and then Anya yells at him for constantly distracting her. She's ready to get their lives started. I don't blame her for this. They've been engaged for like six months at this point and Xander still doesn't want to tell everyone? I should have seen "Hell's Bells" coming, is all I'm sayin'. God, that's an episode I do not want to watch.

Buffy is applying for a loan. They won't give it to her because she has no income. A demon comes into the bank after they refuse her and she saves them, but the demon gets away with money. A police officer tries to help, but fails. There's another profession wherein a person gets paid to save your life, potentially, anyway. Who knows if they ever really do. Or probably not as often as they should, anyway. I'm cranky at the beginning of my writing marathon today...

Buffy is punching a bag a lot. Willow notices she's mad and is pleased because she's having a feeling. She's been really apathetic since she's been back. Dawn finds the demon during research. Everyone is trying to keep her from research, which is ridiculous because she's 15, the same age Buffy was when she was called. Buffy is explaining her fight with the demon when Giles walks in. He hasn't seen her yet since she's resurrected. It's intense. They hug. She seems happier to see him than she's been since she got back. It's very touching. The kind of touching I can stand. Man, I wish I had a Giles. How cool would it be to have a sane, awesome father figure? Seriously, if anyone knows, could you describe it to me in lurid detail so I can live vicariously? My dad was not mature enough to be a dad. And every bf my mom had was either not mature enough as well or an asshole. Ooh, there's my Papa though. He's totally a Giles. Ok, so I have a Giles...he's just not as forthcoming with the affection as the onscreen one. That's ok. Oh, jeez. This is going to be drifting-off-into-Stephanie's-subconscious day, isn't it?

Giles and Buffy talk alone in the training room. Giles is bewildered. He tells her she looks tired. She tells him "Sleeping is hard. You know, because of the whole waking up in a box thing...I sleep great even, except for the dreams..." He tells her he's proud of her.

When he gets back from talking with her, they update him on the new demon. Apparently Mmm'Fashnik is a demon that does mayhem for money. It's Warren, Jonathan, and another guy, Andrew. The demon threatens to kill them all. They bargain with him.

Buffy is putting Giles up for the night. It's so mean that they let Giles leave...sell his awesome place, sign over his shop...etc. Giles reassures her they'll work out all the bills in the morning. The Trio needs to kill the Slayer in order to appease the demon. Jonathan and Andrew don't want to, but Warren is pushing it. The Trios "mission" is to take over Sunnydale. Their to do list states: Control the Weather, Miniaturize Fort Knox, Conjure Fake I.D.s, Shrink Ray, Girls, Girls, and The Gorilla Thing. They're the comic relief in a season where the main characters torture themselves for a year. Reversal of roles thing. Although the Big Bads are always hilarious, in their own ways. They decide not to kill Buffy, but Warren gives the demon Buffy's name and address behind their backs.

The first time Willow and Giles are alone together, Willow is looking for approval and validation, but Giles says, "You're a very stupid girl." He trusted her to respect the forces of nature. "There are others in this world that can do what you did, you just wouldn't want to meet them." Willow is arrogant. Giles tells her she was lucky. Calls her a "rank, arrogant, amateur." She gets real mean for a second, then apologizes. I totally understand where she's going, why she has to lose Tara. Tara is too good for her at this point in her development. If she never went dark at the end of this season, she never would have been able to reign in her power and learn to harness it properly. Spike and Buffy are overhearing the fight from the backyard. B tells Spike she feels like she's spending all her time "trying to be ok" so no one worries. God, I know what that's like!  They sit in companionable silence on the back steps, like they do.

The demon breaks in in the middle of the night. She, for the first time, laments the destruction of her house as her and the demon are destroying it. She take him to the flooded basement where they won't destroy anything else. She beats him to death with a pipe. The Trio adds "Hypnotize Buffy" to their list. They're nerdy-goodness. Well, Andrew and Jonathan are, anyway. Buffy wonders how her mother put the house back together after all the times she destroyed it. FINALLY! I am always so distracted by house destruction during fighting scenes. Giles reassures Buffy she can be a grownup and handle crises, just like her mom did.

Angel calls. She "has to go now". She basically bails in the middle of cleaning up the house and dealing with bills etc.