Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: After Life.

episode 103.
airdate: 9 Oct 2001.

Anya, Xander, Willow, and Tara decide to head back to B's house...surely she'll be there. Dawn has taken her home, cleans her up. Spike shows up at the house.

He notices her hands right away. Dawn says she doesn't know how they got like that and Spike says "I do." She was gone five months. Everyone else shows up, asking her all kinds of questions. Dawn has to tell them to back off. She goes to bed after telling everyone she's ok, though she doesn't look it. Spike is upset that they didn't tell him. Spike warns that with magic there are always consequences. Willow tells Tara she was expecting Buffy to thank her. Always with the unreasonable expectations, Willow. Calm down.

An apparition of Buffy yells at Tara and Willow and throws a crystal ball at them in the middle of the night. When they turn on the light, the ball isn't broken and Buffy is gone. They call Xander/Anya. As Xander is on the phone, Anya comes in the room with white eyes cutting her face with a knife. Her face is not really cut.

They're in research-mode at the magic shop.  Buffy needs to get out...too much stimuli. Dawn is possessed now in the magic shop and breathes fire. Buffy goes to see Spike. It's probably comforting being quiet in the darkness of Spike's place. Spike expresses regret at not protecting Dawn before her blood was shed that night. Tells B he fantasized about saving her.

Xander finally suggests the spell they did is causing consequences. Asks Tara if Willow might have known this might happen. They should all know! There's ALWAYS consequences. A demon was made by the spell. It's trying to become corporeal. They think they can't destroy it without undoing the spell. They discover the demon will dissipate unless it kills Buffy. So it goes to kill her, 'cause it overheard.

Buffy can't fight it 'cause it's all misty and noncorporeal and stuff. Willow and Tara are doing a spell to make the demon real so Buffy can kill it. Expecting Buffy to kill things both of her first two nights back. So unreasonable.

Buffy makes Dawn lunch for school and is acting a bit more normal. Buffy tells everyone thank you for bringing her back. Tells them she was in hell. They all hug her. She goes outside to be alone after and Spike is there in the alley. She tells him the truth, that she was in heaven (warm, loved, complete), but that they can never know. After she drops that bomb on him, she walks away.