Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Gift.

episode 100.
airdate: 22 May 2001.

And now the dramatic conclusion of season 5 of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"...

In interviews, commentaries, etc, Joss has said that they didn't yet know if there would be seasons after 5. They usually didn't know if the end of any season would be the end of the series, in fact, so they tried to treat the end of any season as if it were the bookend for the end of the entire show. I think that's smart. This is their 100th episode and it truly does feel like the end of the series.

It begins with a typical vampire slaying. A boy is being chased by a vampire and Buffy saves him after some righteous Buffy-bantering. The boy asks, "How'd you do that? You're just a girl." Buffy answers, "That's what I keep saying." Buffy makes Giles explain the situation again. "The Key is energy and needs to flow into a specific place at a specific time." Tara says she has "places to be!" They still have a couple of hours. Buffy says "we are NOT talking about this" (talking about having to kill Dawn if the thing starts). Giles yells, "Yes, we BLOODY well are!" Buffy is not willing to sacrifice Dawn. Giles says we'll all die, including Dawn, if the ritual starts, so why save her if she's about to die anyway? I agree. Buffy is being pretty close-minded on this point. Xander suggests killing Ben...then takes it back. Giles doesn't think Ben will surface this close to the ritual. They really only need to distract her until the time has passed. Anya suggests using the troll hammer ("want to fight a god? use the weapon of a god!") and the Dagon Sphere she found when they first encountered Glory. Perhaps it distracts her? They still don't know how to find Glory. At this point Tara continues rambling about how she has somewhere important to be, as she has been for awhile now and everyone's ignored her. Duh. Let her lead them to Dawn/Glory. Ok, they have a plan. Distract Glory with Dagon Sphere and troll hammer.

Ben presents Dawn with a ritual dress to wear. She yells at him to change to Glory. She would rather deal with her because she's upfront about being a monster. Buffy is training, though wouldn't you want to reserve your energy? Giles asks her that. She's got righteous rage on her side. Giles reassures Buffy that he loves Dawn, but sometimes he has to say and do what other people can't. Buffy tells him she'll stop him if he tries to hurt Dawn.

Buffy: How many Apocalypses is this now?
Giles: least.

I count seven, and I do have a list if you don't believe me. ;)

Buffy says when she sacrificed Angel she knew it was right, but she doesn't know how to live in a world if THESE are the choices...anymore. She tells Giles she's quitting being a Slayer if Dawn dies.

Anya and Xander are looking for the Dagon Sphere in the basement of the magic shop after having sex. Anya is terrified. This is the first time she's not run away during an Apocalypse. They find the Buffybot. Xander proposes and Anya slaps him. She thinks he's doing it because the world is about to end and he won't have to follow through. He says he's doing it because the world is not going to end, but she tells him to repropose when the world doesn't end.

They're all still trying to come up with ideas to distract Glory. Willow has an idea to possibly restore Tara's mind and perhaps it will slow down Glory for a sec. Buffy brings Spike to her place, barking orders at him, but he stops in the doorway, 'cause you know, he's been uninvited. She reinvites's a moment. Buffy tells Spike "we're not all gonna make it." That she's counting on him to protect Dawn.  "I know you'll never love me. I know that I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man." That's sweet, but usually she doesn't treat him "like a man."

Dawn is already tied up at the top of a makeshift tower. It's time to go. Buffy tells everyone she'll kill anyone who lays a hand on Dawn. Not the best Buffy speech ever...

As they arrive, Glory asks Tara what she's doing there and Willow does the spell to restore Tara's mind.  It does distract her, because she needs a brain to eat now. Buffy is there with the Dagon Sphere, throws it to her. Glory crushes it, but she's disoriented. Anya is beating minions with a bat. The minions are guarding the bottom of the stairs leading to Dawn. Everyone is fighting them. Willow goes to check on Tara. She's back. Willow tells her she'll always find her.

Glory regains her composure and says she's bored and lops off Buffy's head. It's the bot. The real B is behind her and hits her with the troll hammer. She starts running up to the top of the tower as Glory is regrouping. There's lots of fighting on the way up the rickety tower. They fall back to the bottom. Xander hits Glory with a wrecking ball. The creepy-magic guy shows up at the top of the tower. Why did no one go to guard Dawn? Giles thinks no one has gotten up there. Willow speaks to Spike in his mind, tells him to get up there NOW. She creates a path in the crazies and minions magically, with Tara.

The guy stabs Spike and throws him off the tower. Buffy is beating the HOLY CRAP out of Glory, then she turns to Ben. Buffy can't kill Ben, but Giles can. He suffocates Ben. Creepy magic demon guy cuts Dawn as Buffy gets to her and pushes him off the tower. They're walking away as Dawn notices the portal has opened. Crazy shit is already happening just from a few drops of Dawn's blood. Dawn tries to jump into the portal, but Buffy won't let her. Buffy suddenly realizes that their blood is the same, so she could jump instead of Dawn. "Death is your gift". Dawn realizes what she's going to do and protests. B talks to Dawn for a sec, kisses her, looks at her with peace and love, then jumps.

As Buffy is writhing in the portal, a voiceover of what she said to Dawn plays: "Dawn, listen to me...listen. I love you. I will always love you. This is the work that I have to do. Tell Giles I figured it out, and I'm ok. Give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live." Everyone is crying and staring at B dead in the rubble. Her face is that of peace, though. Her gravestone says "Beloved sister. Devoted friend. She saved the world...a lot."