Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spiral.

episode 98.
airdate: 8 May 2001.

Buffy takes Dawn and runs while Willow tries to do a spell on Glory, but it barely slows her down. Glory gets hit by a semi-truck, then turns into Ben. Dawn is describing everything to everyone over at Xander's. Buffy says she doesn't know how they got away. She's feeling helpless. Everyone is making jokes and Buffy is not having it. Says "we can't fight her". She suggests they run. She's never suggested they run. Ever. This is big.

Ben really is so pretty. Fighting with a female minion this time. Ben is suggesting he get to the Key first and kill her so that he can be normal, so he can reclaim his body for his own. I get it. I would too. I'm not all honorable like all the Buffy-heros. A huge Winnebago arrives to pick everyone up with Spike behind the wheel, with sunglasses and foiled windows. It's ridiculous to think a vampire can drive in daylight, but the imagery is fun. The knights of Byzantium are back on the case after being absent for like five episodes. They have the one Glory de-brained and discover they can use him to lead them to the Key. So everyone is after Dawn. Xander is nauseous. I love it when characters are shut into small spaces and have to deal with each other. The de-brained are getting simultaneously crazier, including Tara. Buffy is shut up in the back of the RV by herself, utterly hopeless. She feels impotent. Dawn tries to comfort her. Buffy is shutting down, which is totally understandable. Dawn says "things can't get any crazier" and then they, of course, do. The knights are in pursuit, on horses. One of them is on the roof and Buffy fights him. Dawn is dressing Spike's wounds he got from grabbing a sword that penetrated the roof. Anya knocks a guy out of the window with a frying pan. Buffy is fighting two of them on the roof now. It's all very dramatic. Just when you think they're in the clear, Giles gets speared (he was driving) and the Winnie rolls and they're on foot. They make it to an abandoned building and hide within. Giles is badly hurt.

Now there's flaming arrows and more knights. They're coming in from all sides and Spike is fighting them too even though they're human, so it's very difficult for them. It really does seem hopeless. Willow does a spell to create a barrier. They have the general hostage. The knights have priests that are working on breaking through Willow's barrier. Buffy questions the general. If I were Buffy, I might consider surrendering Dawn. But Buffy has changed since she sacrificed Angel. She's not doing that again. Tara is freaking out, saying it's "time!" All the other crazies in the hospital are also declaring that it's "time". They all break out of their constraints and leave en masse. Buffy is apologizing to Giles. He doesn't look like he's going to make it. Tells her he's proud of her and she's everything a Watcher could ever hope for.

Buffy goes out to talk to the knights. Asks if they will let a medic come to help Giles. Xander says "in war there are rules" and they can bargain with the general. Buffy calls Ben. He comes. He does care for Giles. Xander is warming to Spike. The general tells Buffy she doesn't know what she's dealing with and then describes it all wordy-like: "great battle, beast, banishment, etc" Tells her Glory is trapped within the body of a man. No one knows the identity of the man. Dawn asks the general why she was created, what she does as the Key and the general tells her she will be used to open the barrier between dimensions so that Glory can go home to the dimension she was banished from. Buffy laughs because "Glory's master plan? to go home?" But the general describes that while the barrier is lifted between dimensions all kinds of beasts will crossover and hey, Apocalypse!

Buffy comforts Dawn. The general tries to sway Ben. Tells him he can stop everything, save everyone's lives if he just sacrifices one life. Ben starts to change and demands to be let out. Not in time, he changes to Glory. Glory kills the general real quick and starts beating everyone else up. She takes off with Dawn. Willow breaks the barrier and Buffy tries to go after Dawn but they're gone and all the knights are dead. Buffy sits down and goes into catatonia...credits.