Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Life Serial.

episode 105.
airdate: 23 Oct 2001.

Buffy brings home dinner and everyone has already eaten. They are super nice and eat a little of the chicken she brought anyway. She's just gotten back from seeing Angel. They met somewhere in the middle of L.A. and Sunnydale, so I don't think anyone knows what happened between them on this visit (it wasn't on Angel either, is what I mean). Buffy doesn't want to talk about it, anyway. Everyone (Giles, Dawn, Willow, and Tara) asks Buffy what she's going to do with her life. Tara and Willow suggest her auditing the remainder of the semester before registration starts for the next semester. The troika (which is what my "The Complete Slayer" book keeps calling them) are planning something to do with messing with Buffy and Andrew is painting the Death Star on their van.

Social Construction of Reality: two opposing theories- one stressing the independence and externality of social reality from individuals and the other that each individual participates fully in the construction of his or her own life. Ok. I had to put on subtitles because everyone was talking too fast there. Is this essentially nature versus nurture? "Social phenomena don't have unproblematic objective existences. They have to be interpreted and given meanings by those who encounter them." Yeah. We control how we see things.

If Buffy were not an active participant in her life, she wouldn't be bested so easily by Jonathan, Warren, and Andrew.

Warren runs into B in the hallway putting some kind of device on her. Oh, that last part was Buffy being in sociology class with Willow. She's following Tara to another class. After handing her a book, Buffy looks at it and then several minutes have passed in an instant. It keeps happening. It's odd that Tara keeps wandering off as Buffy is obviously spacing out as time passes strangely to her. She finds the device and the boys make it self-destruct. Jonathan and Andrew score him on the "screwing with Buffy" category. They're each taking turns, apparently. The next day (or later that day--something) Buffy goes to work with Xander on the construction site. The construction dudes are very condescending to her and she lifts a beam that's several hundred pounds in front of them. Andrew makes B fight some demons. Makes everyone think she's crazy. She destroys a bunch of equipment. The demons melted when she killed them. They all deny they saw anything, so I don't know if they didn't or if they're being asses. They were sexist asses the entire time she was there, calling her "sweety" and teasing her that she might "break a nail". Michael says this is cheesy that Joss is trying to make them sound sexist, but I said, "No, it's really like that sometimes." He was appropriately appalled. I heart my husband.

Giles goes into research mode to see who's messing with Buffy. Jonathan's turn to mess with her. She's in the magic shop now helping out to see if she wants to be retail girl, 'cause Xander had to fire her from construction. Jonathan puts her in a time loop. The unsatisfiable customer. She eventually figures it out, but she quits.

Decides to get drunk with Spike. "Life is stupid." Every time Buffy takes a shot she makes the cutest noise/face. I love it. Spike takes her to a demon bar...they go to the back to question the demons that are playing poker, betting with kittens. The troika decide they're tied, so there's a final death round, but they can't decide what to do, so they're just watching B from outside the bar. First sighting of Clem! The boys are fighting over who's the best Bond when Buffy discovers their van. Buffy drunkenly fights Jonathan with a glamour that makes him look like a stereotypical devil. He runs away.

Buffy's at home after a lot of puking. Buffy tells Giles she's screwing up. Giles gives her a check. She says it makes her feel safe "knowing you're always gonna be here." He looks sad and disapproving when she walks out of the room to tell Dawn about the check.