Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Family.

episode 84.
airdate: 7 Nov 2000.

Tara and Willow at bedtime. Tara is saying she doesn't feel useful to everyone. Buffy is telling Giles everything about Dawn. This is later that night from the episode before. Buffy has accepted that it is her duty to take care of Dawn. Buffy decides not to tell any of the others. It will be just her and Giles that know. They already know that Glory (though they don't yet know her name) is looking for the Key as well. I don't think I mentioned that before.

Everyone is helping Buffy move out of the dorm back to her mom's. I didn't even realize she wasn't already living back at her mom's because they haven't shown her in the dorms at all this season.

Tara's bday is the next day. Xander is lookin' good these days. He's more confident since "The Replacement", but still his dweeby self. He's becoming fully actualized. Love his eyebrows. *Xander love*

Ok, now Buffy is beating up Spike. Is this another fantasy of his? Yep. While he's doin' it with Harmony. Poor Harm.

There's a stereotypical douchebag hick dude in the shop. Turns out he's Tara's bro. Then the dad comes in. And Amy Adams is a cousin. I knew I vaguely recognized her when she first started getting big. There's a lot of awkwardness with the Tara-fam. Ok, Tara's room is Tara's room. And Willow is still in her dorm, so I suppose I was wrong about them living together after all. God, I love her room. Stereos, art, black, glitter, candles, crystals. Tara is so cool. Tara is about to turn 20 and her dad thinks she's going to turn into (something?) on her 20th birthday. She calls him sir and she's real weird around him. He tells her she's coming back with him in the morning. "How do you think your friends are going to feel when they see your true face?"

Glory is so cool. She's telling an ugly demon to kill Buffy for her. That's not why she's cool. I just like her.

Tara is doing a spell on everyone. Riley is drinking at Willey's, the demon bar. He meets a vampire. Buys her a drink. She asks him to go somewhere more private, but he refuses. He's sad about Buffy leaving him in the dark about stuff.

Harmony tells Spike the demon dude is going to kill Buffy (she overhears someone talking about it at the mall or something). Spike goes under the guise of wanting to watch B die, but of course he's going to help her.

The cousin runs into Tara calling her a bitch and saying she needs to leave her friends alone. Tara reveals that the spell she did was so her friends would be blind to the demon side in Tara. Turns out they can't see ANY demons, because when the fork-tongued types show up to kill Buffy, Willow answers the door (they didn't knock, but she heard something) and doesn't see them. Now the demons are lurking around the shop wondering why no one can see them. Buffy is training in her workout room when the demons come in. She fights them. Now everyone is fighting them. Spike shows up and he realizes they can't see them, but of course he can, because he wasn't part of the spell. Buffy can't see Spike either. Michael just pointed that out, but I'd never realized that before. Tara comes in and realizes what's going on and breaks the spell. They defeat them. Tara explains the sitch. Says she's a demon...well the dad says it. "The women in our family have demon in them."

She tries to go with her family but Willow protests. Buffy stands up for her. Then they all do. For the first time Tara feels accepted by all of them. Anya asks what kind of demon she is and the family is all like "What does it matter?" Spike punches her to "settle this" and he's hit with intense neurological pain. There you go. Not a demon. Spike realizes what's going on: "a bit of a spin to keep the ladies in line?" Then they all have the birthday party at the Bronze. Then Tara and Willow slow-dance and it's suuuuuuuuuuper cute...and they float.

The end.