Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Doublemeat Palace.

episode 112.
airdate: 29 Jan 2002.

Willow, Anya, and Xander are hanging out at B's and Willow explains that B tried to go back to the troika's lair, but they had cleared out. B is getting ready for her first day at a fast food place and she looks funny in her outfit.

Everyone at Buffy's new job is creepy. The manager makes her eat one of the gross chicken and beef burgers. This fast food place is one of the scariest settings of this show, ever. I'm so glad I never had to work in fast food. I bet it's awful. Buffy is suspicious of the high turnover-rate and the spacey workers and the creepy manager. Xander says, "I think you're seeing demons where there's just life."

Spike goes to visit B. He tells her "You're not happy're better than this." Tells her he can get her money. That "this place will do stuff to you". Fast food must be pretty bad if a vampire is warning you you'll be changed forever by working there. When B is learning grill-duty, the guy teaching her is talking about getting grease in his eyelashes, ears, nostrils.

Halfrek, Anya's old vengeance buddy comes to see Anya and Halfrek is all judgey about Anya marrying someone after all the men they've had to wreak vengeance upon over the centuries. Spike does Buffy on her break. Amy goes to see Willow. Amy acts like she's there to talk and get her rat cage back, for sentimental reasons, but she's really there to taunt her and give her a spell against her will as a "gift".

Buffy discovers a finger in the meat at her job. She confronts Manny the manager and runs out to the front telling everyone to stop eating. That "it's people!" She gets fired for causing mayhem. Back at the magic shop B has called an "emergency meeting" and it's just Xander and Dawn. Dawn couldn't find Willow ("I knocked and knocked on her door.") because she's spelling out in her room. Anya is with Halfrek. B presents her finger evidence. B has a burger specimen and says "We need to analyze that burger. We need to see if its people." Xander has eaten it. Willow shows up. B thinks she needs to take down the whole corporation. Dawn is wearing the cutest kitten t-shirt. B goes back to get another burger specimen after hours. She finds Manny's severed foot. Willow is doing chemistry to test the burger sample. She finds it's not human, but vegetables. Ok, maybe Buffy is just investigating because Willow is testing something she already had on-hand. A piece left on the wrapper, maybe?

Buffy finds an old lady that comes into the restaurant to order a cherry pie every day and a penis-like snake comes out of her head and sprays some paralyzing spray at Buffy. Willow shows up to check on B and update her on the test results. She also updates her on the spell Amy gave her. She's speaking to her on the drive-thru speaker. She hears a commotion inside the restaurant as Buffy is beginning to be eaten by the penis-head-monster. Willow goes into the store and cuts the monster off at the base (where it meets the old lady's head) from behind her back.

The next morning Amy goes to see Willow again. Will tells her she can't spend time with Amy anymore. Tells her the spell makes everything harder. Apparently Amy has resentment towards Willow for not turning her back into a human earlier. Buffy goes to turn in her uniform and meets the new manager. Buffy tells her she knows that the "secret ingredient" is vegetables and asks for her job back. She gets it. Yeay?