Thursday, April 4, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Place Like Home.

episode 83,
airdate: 24 Oct 2000.

Opening: shuffling monks. They're moving fast..."Two Months Ago". Doing a spell. Chanting. Something is after them.

"Now": Buffy is fighting a butch vampire. She finds a glowy ball at the scene of the slaying, which is some sort of industrial area.

It's the grand re-opening of the Magic Box and Giles is wearing a wizard outfit. The shot is held for 8 whole seconds going between Giles in his silly outfit (complete with hat) and Buffy judging him. He takes off the cape and hat. Joyce is still getting headaches and they're worse.

Giles: It (the glowy orb thing) appears to be paranormal in origin.
Willow: How can you tell?
Giles: Well, it's so shiny.

Buffy goes to the hospital to fill a prescription for her mom when she sees the security guard that she met at the industrial area where she killed the vamp. He's uncontrollably crazy now. She also formerly meets Ben. And then we see Glory for the first time. Anya comes into the magic shop complaining about money. Buffy comes in shortly after claiming her mom's sickness is supernatural. Glory is already rambling about "The Key" in only her second scene. She's torturing a monk. He refuses to tell her anything. She goes a little nutty (ok, a lot nutty) and then sucks the brain out of a security guard she also has captive.

Meanwhile, Giles is overwhelmed by all the customers in the magic shop. Everyone is helping and Anya is really enjoying it. Anya suggests a trance to see all spells in the area to see if something is affecting her mother. Buffy does the trance thing all by herself. Insert calming "restless"esque music here. She achieves the trance and walks around her house to check the magic/spell status. Her mom is totally spells anywhere, but the picture behind her head with her, her mother and Dawn keeps changing with Dawn fading in and out. So she goes to Dawn's room and sees it changing from her room to what it was before (some kind of storage area). When she sees Dawn she tells her "You're not my sister." She thinks she is messing with her mom and confronts her. Dawn is scared. Giles calls as Buffy and Dawn are staring at each other, tells her the glowy orb is called the Dagon Sphere.

Spike is lurking outside Buffy's house. She punches him.

Buffy: What are you doing here? Five words or less.
Spike: (counting on his fingers with each word) Out. For. A. Walk....Bitch.

He's being all stuttery and cute. Obvs he was NOT there on a stroll because there are like 15 cigarette butts by the tree he was standing behind. *claps and squeals* I love Spike being into Buffy. Buffy encounters Glory who is FREAKishly strong. Giles, Willow, and Xander are exhausted after the long day at the magic shop, but Anya is all energized. Giles offers her a job. Xander calls Giles "Big G". I never noticed that before. Glory is really beating up Buffy. She rescues the monk and jumps out the window with him, escaping. The monk is dying. He tells Buffy she has to protect "The Key". That it's a portal. That it used to have no form at all. That they (he and some other monks) made the Key human and sent it to her to protect it. He tells her everything, that the monks built the memories of Dawn, but Dawn herself is now human and doesn't know she's not.

Wow, I didn't remember they reveal all this already. The day Glory is introduced we find out who Dawn is. So soon!

Buffy goes home. She goes to talk to Dawn, apologizes for the confrontation from before and treats her like a sister she loves.