Monday, April 15, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Smashed.

episode 109.
airdate: 20 Nov 2001.

Buffy is saving peeps from a mugging and Buffy is telling Spike "never again" you know, again. Spike is being mean, telling her she's a tease and an ice queen and that she has no one but him, etc. Nice and abusive there, Spike.

Willow suddenly realizes she can bring Amy back. Fucking FINALLY. Jesus! The troika are stealing stuff from a museum. They get caught by the security guard and freeze-ray him. For reals.

Amy doesn't realize how long it's been. She says it feels like weeks that she was in the cage. It was, in reality, 3 years. Buffy almost tells Willow about Spike, but then Amy comes in and that distracts her. Amy is watching TV when B notices the freeze-ray news story and goes to investigate, of course. Spike tags along, like he does. They come to blows. When Spike hits B he notices it didn't activate his chip. So he goes to find a girl to eat. When he tries, it doesn't work.

Tara and Dawn are hanging out. Willow does a creepy spell to read the internet in a trance. They find out that the thing taken from the museum was a crystal. Spike breaks into the troika's lair, intimidating them into checking out the functionality of his chip. He uses a figurine of Boba Fett as hostage. Ha ha.

Amy talks Willow into going out. Warren reveals, after doing lots of tests, that Spike's chip works fine. Dawn and Tara get back from their day out and Tara hangs out with Dawn watching TV. Amy and Willow are playing pool with magic instead of pool cues. Amy bewitches a chick to hit on Willow, but Willow calls her off. The guys that danced with Amy act like asses, so they turn them into cage dancers in their undies. Xander tries to talk to B about Willow's out of control magic stuff and Buffy's internalizing too much, as per usual.

Spike calls B wanting her to meet him in the cemetery. Now that he knows his chip works, he knows Buffy is the one that's wrong. He was trying to be intimidating, but it was just funny. Spike catches up with her and they fight. He reveals the chip doesn't work with B. Tells her she "came back wrong." They're fighting a lot now.

Amy and Willow are changing things to their liking at the Bronze. Changing the male rock band to chick alternative and all kinds of other stuff.

Spike and B are in an abandoned house beating each other up now. Insulting each other. They're wrecking the house. These two scenes are going back and forth. Both Willow and B are going to the dark side tonight. The fighting turns into fucking. The house is coming down around them and it's very graphic, actually. Neither of them even remove clothing, Spike just unzips and B is wearing a skirt, so they go for it. I get it. B wants to feel something. After all this time, it would be odd if she didn't give into him.

Commentary (by Drew Greenberg) notes added 5.7.13:

Drew Greenberg is a superfan. This is the first episode of Buffy he'd written. He helps with the continuity of the entire series from this point on.

This is the first episode after Willow and Tara's breakup and we see that Tara is stronger after the breakup than before. She becomes more herself alone. Something I'd noticed unconsciously in the way that I liked her more without Willow. She was more self-assured and robust.

Originally, instead of the frat boys at the Bronze ending up dancing in gold lame shorts, Drew wanted to have them makeout with each other. Joss said he didn't want to do that for two reasons: 1) because he didn't want to give the impression that a person's sexuality could change with the snap of a witch's fingers, and 2) he also didn't want to convey in any way that kissing another man would be a punishment (for how they had treated Willow). Good on Joss. Yet another reason this is one of the best shows ever, and that might be the only worthy tidbit I get from this commentary.

Buffy and Spike are two lost characters that are both MORE than human and have always had a relationship of violence. That their sex would evolve from a knock-down-drag-out makes perfect sense. That Spike would eventually attempt to rape her also makes perfect sense. Theirs is a relationship beget of violence until season 7, the way it began in season 2. The sex is pretty hot.