Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Replacement.

episode 81.
airdate: 10 Oct 2000.

This is an episode I dread because I don't like suave Xander. He creeps me out, plus I think a lot of the time suave Xander was played by Nicholas Brendan's real twin brother and something is just so creepy about twins, man.

Xander is looking for an apartment because of his drunk yell-y parents. A blacklight-crackle-faced demon is after Buffy and hits Xander with his sceptor-thing, thus splitting Xander into two parts, one suave and one goofy. The idea was to hit the Slayer and split her into a weak and a strong Buffy, so the weak one could be more easily defeated, thus killing them both. Goofy Xander is all suspicious of Suave Xander, following him around and stuff. Suave Xander gets a promotion, gets the apartment, and makes up with Anya (she was mad at him before for not getting the apartment--before the split). Willow's hair is so cute all short and flippy. Goofy Xander catches up with Willow while Suave Xander gets to Giles, Riley, and Buffy. They each think they have the right one, and they do, of course, but they don't know that yet.

Michael is saying he wishes he could be split into his good and bad parts so he could get rid of all the self-doubt, etc. He's saying this as Goofy Xander is lamenting that the other Xander is living his life better than he is and maybe he should just let him have it. Willow is comforting him. I told Michael I would want to be married to the goofy version of him. The point of all of this is that you can't get rid of all the "bad" parts of yourself. The best version of you is the WHOLE version of you.

The confrontation occurs in the apartment with Anya, each trying to convince her that they're the real Xander. Giles figures out that they're both Xander. Buffy catches up to the Xanders and explains the thing to them. Then the demon comes in to finish his goal of splitting Buffy. She beats him up real quick.

They start acting more like regular Xander the longer they're together. Giles: Clearly, he's a bad influence on himself. Willow ends the spell. The last scene is everyone helping Xander pack up the basement and Riley tells Xander how much he's in love with Buffy. Then says, "But she doesn't love me." Poor Riley. He just doesn't fit with this show. It makes total sense that Buffy would attempt to date a normal guy after Angel, but she's just not supposed to be with a normal guy. Riley is a good guy and I'm totally over hating him, but he's not interesting enough for Buffy. Not quirky or broody enough. She doesn't need normal. She needs intense. This is why Xander is perfect. He's got the sweetness, the take charge save-the-worldness (the intention is there, even if he doesn't have the brute force), and the goofy nerdiness.