Saturday, April 6, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Into the Woods.

episode 87.
airdate: 19 Dec 2000.

Continuation from the last shot of the last episode...wheeling Joyce into operation. Waiting room. Riley, Xander, Dawn, Giles, everyone is with Buffy. The operation is taking a long time, I guess.

They got the whole tumor! Yeay! Everyone hugs, including almost Giles and Xander.

Riley and Buffy are having a romantic evening. Buffy is really trying to make him feel wanted. He still isn't satisfied, however, and sneaks out afterwards to get his vamp-fix. Spike follows him, because he's lurking outside, as per usual.  Spike sneaks into Buffy's house the next night while she's in bed and says he needs to show her something. He leads her to the dank gross house Riley is in with the vampires. The whole place is covered with humans being sucked on by vampires. The place is so gross. And there he is, topless with a vampire on his arm. She runs out. Spike was all excited to let her know that Riley was cheating, but then when he sees her face, so upset, he feels bad. I don't think he was expecting that.

Riley goes home but the Initiative boys are there (except they're Army now), making him an offer for a job in Belize. "Maybe civilian life is working out for you...maybe not." He has until midnight the next night to decide if he'll go.

Willow and Anya are fighting at the magic shop. Buffy barges in. It turns out that the humans were paying the vampires in that "den" to suck on them. Buffy wants to stop it from happening. She's all into it, irrational. When they get to the nest, Buffy sets the place on fire. Everyone is like, "What's the deal with B?" but they don't say anything. Riley stakes Spike (!!!). Turns out the stake is plastic and not wood. It was a threat. Riley asks Spike, "You actually think you have a chance with her?" "No, I don't." Then they drink together in camaraderie-love for Buffy. Buffy is training like a maniac in the back of the shop. Riley shows up and asks Xander and Anya to clear out so he can talk to Buffy. Xander tells Anya he has "stuff to take care of", then Anya goes home alone.

Riley wants to "have it out". Riley says he wanted to understand how it felt to be enthralled by a vampire, like she had. The vampires made him feel needed. "You keep me at a distance, Buffy." He's totally rational. That she doesn't let him in, she's too distant. And Buffy tells him this is it...this is who she is. Deal with it or leave. He tells her he's leaving at midnight unless she stops him before he goes. She thinks that's unfair. That it's an ultimatum. Which it totally is, but what choice does he have? She's the only reason he's there anyway. A bunch of vampires jump Buffy after she leaves Riley at the shop. She kills all of them real quick.

Then Xander comes out and confronts her. "You're acting like a crazy person." She keeps telling him to go away, but he pursues her and won't let her run. Makes her talk to him about what's up. "You gonna let him go?" He tells it like it is while she's being all defensive and even insults him..."Oh boy, is this NOT about me." He is SO the heart of this operation. He lays it all out...Buffy realizes she needs to get to him after what he says...She runs to Riley.

She doesn't make it in time...they're taking off just twenty feet above her head, but he doesn't look back, doesn't see her. Sad.

Xander goes home and tells Anya he's in love with her, to make it clear to her. To make sure she knows he appreciates her. It's so sweet. Glad they had that moment in there to counteract the pain. She'll get over it fast and Riley will find his soulmate in Central America. It'll all be ok.