Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gone.

episode 111.
airdate: 8 Jan 2002.

Willow has to get rid of all her magic stuff. No candles or tarot cards.

Buffy is wearing a wig.

The troika load the diamond they stole at the museum into a gun. It's an invisibility ray.

Dawn is pissy with both B and W. B admits that she should have noticed that her "best friend was drowning" etc. Just then Spike shows up. Says he's looking for his lighter. A woman from Social Services shows up. B had forgotten about their appointment. Things look bad. She's been put on probation. It's lame that she will be put on close supervision because with Social Services when if she were Dawn's actual mother, she could be as much of a deadbeat as she wanted. Spike gets his lighter out of B's pocket and it's all sexual-like.

Righteous hair-cutting scene! The troika go to a beauty shop with their invisibility gun to shoot a cosmetologist or something and accidentally shoot B as she's walking by after getting her hair did. She goes to the magic shop afterwards. She doesn't seem upset at all that she's invisible. She leaves Xander and Anya to figure out what's wrong with her. Xander suspects Willow and goes to see her at B's. Anya is distracted by wedding plans. Tara and Giles are gone. Everything is all a mess. Willow is upset Xander thinks she might have made B invisible. She storms out.

Buffy is walking around town messing with people, enjoying her invisibility. She messes with the Social Services chick, moving her mug and stuff. When she goes to the bathroom, B tampers with her file on the woman's desk. They decide to reassign her cases.

When X gets to the scene of the invisibiliting, W is already there spraypainting to get invisible things to emerge. Willow is off to find the van that's been "stalking Buffy".

B goes to see Spike and has some weird invisible sex with him. Xander and Anya discover that the invisible pilon they brought back to the magic shop is breaking down over time. Presumably, that will happen to B if they don't turn her back pronto. Warren knew that, but didn't tell Andrew and Jonathan. They're upset. Jonathan convinces Warren to re-visible Buffy, but they have to fix the gun first, 'cause I guess it's broken.

Xander goes to Spike's to find Buffy. Weird invisibility sex Xander walks in on. Spike makes B leave after she tells him she's glad to be free of her life. Willow is computer hacking, resisting the urge to boost it with magic. Dawn gets home and B is showing off her invisibility. Dawn asks her if she's "working on it". She's upset, as per usual. B checks her messages and has one from Xander telling her she'll "fade into nothing" if they don't fix it. Willow finds the van and the troika's lair. She sees their blueprints for the gun. The troika are invisible too and take Willow hostage. They call B and tell her to meet them at an arcade. If you were invisible, would you know where you were in relation to the rest of the world? Like how would you know where you are?

Ok, so they're at the arcade and this is the first time they're encountering Andrew, Jonathan, and Warren. And they're all invisible. Willow tells B when she gets there that there's just three of them. She looks craycray though because all four of them are invisible. Warren gets ready to shoot B with the gun telling her he's re-visibling her, but Willow notices the gun is on the INvisible setting, which would speed up her molecular deconstruction or something. So B has to fight them. Warren lied to Andrew and Jonathan. There's an invisible argument amongst the boys and then a fight. Willow gets the gun and starts re-visibling everyone. She knows Jonathan and Warren already, of course, but not Andrew.

Buffy: So you three have banded together to what? Be pains in my ass?
Warren: We're your arch nemesiseses.

Everyone thinks B's hair is "adorable". It was a really hard day for Willow. Buffy tells Willow she was scared when X told her she was fading away. She wants to live. Breakthrough. They have the gun now too. Both B and W decide they've made "good first steps". B wants to live and W made it through a day without magic. But they still look so sad.