Saturday, April 20, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Villains.

episode 120.
airdate: 14 May 2002.

Ambulance arrives and Xander leads the medics to B. Willow is wailing upstairs and doesn't even notice the sirens. Willow invokes Osiris to bring Tara back. She is refused because Tara's was a human death by human means. Willow comes out as the ambulance is leaving with Buffy and asks Xander how it happened. She hears the word Warren and leaves. Xander was probably too freaked to see all the blood on her shirt. He tries to call after her, but has to get in the ambulance.

Warren goes to the demon bar bragging that he killed the Slayer with a gun in her own backyard. They all laugh hysterically, because it was on the news and she lived, so now they know the Slayer will be after him. Willow enters the magic shop and sucks all the dark arts books dry. Her eyes and hair turn black. Anya tried to stop her, but couldn't. Dawn gets home and finds Tara.

Warren has gone to see Rack. He needs magic to fight the Slayer, he thinks. Rack tells him he really needs to worry about Willow. At the hospital they're working on Buffy still. It looks dire. Willow comes in and saves Buffy by magically pulling the bullet from her chest and healing the wound. Willow's eyes turn to normal after Buffy wakes up, says they have to go find Warren. Warren is trying to skip town. Buffy, Xander, and Willow are in a car. Willow is controlling the car with magic. She stops the bus with Warren on it with her mind. She chokes Warren, but it's a robot decoy. Buffy tries to stop Willow; this is when she tells them Tara's dead. Buffy tells Willow they'll find Warren, that he'll go to jail, but they can't kill a human. Xander tells her the magic is too strong and she won't come back from it. She looks at them a long minute then says she's not coming back, then walks away shooting them back with lightning to keep them from stopping her. When they get back to the house they find Dawn in the room with Tara. She's been there for hours.

The coroners come and take Tara. Xander says Warren will be a dead man if Willow finds him. Dawn says, "Good." Buffy does her speech about how we don't do it that way, we can't meddle with humans, bla bla, but I'm with Dawn and Willow on this one. Warren needs justice. Dawn wants to come with them to find Willow, but B says she should be where she feels safe and Dawn says she wants to go see Spike. B says ok and Xander starts to protest "After what he did to..." but she stops him. So maybe he did know what Spike tried to do...yeah, he did.

When they get to Spike's, Clem is there. He offers them lemonade. Clem is housesitting for Spike, tells them he left town. Buffy asks if Dawn can stay with Clem. Clem is the cutest. We glimpse Spike in the desert somewhere. He goes into a tribal-y cave with lots of spooky cave paintings. Something with glowing eyes asks if he seeks him. Spike says yes. "You want to return to your former self?" The glowy-eyed demon tells Spike he used to be a legendary warrior "look what she's reduced you to?" "..and you demand restoration?" 'Course, what does Spike want, is the question? I'm not entirely sure if what he wanted originally was the chip removed or his soul restored. I'd like to think he wants his soul, but does he? Does he really? It would solve his cognitive dissonance. It would get him closer to the object of his desire. Is this what he truly wants? I need clues. Must pay attention. Spike needs to endure lots of trials to get what he wants.

Xander goes to talk to Anya and she tells him what happened. Anya can feel that Tara is gone. And tell where Willow is. Xander asks if that's leftover from her demon days and she says "not leftover". So now he knows she's a vengeance demon again. And Buffy comes in shortly after and she now knows too. They go together to find Willow, the three of them. Warren puts an ax through Willow's back. She gets up and pulls it out. He launches an explosive at her and she turns it to ice. Warren tells her it was an accident, killing Tara. He captures her in a viscous fluid of some kind. She gets out pretty fast and has vines trap him in a tree.

Willow realizes Tara wasn't the first girl he killed. He says some shithead stuff about all women being the same. He starts screaming for help. Willow gets the bullet she took out of Buffy and magics it slowly into his chest. She sews his mouth shut. Anya, B, and Xander catch up to her as Warren is apologizing, telling Willow she's not a bad person. She interrupts him, "Bored now" and skins him. "One down" she says.