Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: All the Way.

episode 106.
airdate: 30 Oct 2001.

Halloween episode. Xander is a pirate, Anya is a Charlie's Angel, and Giles is a wizard.

Dawn is stealing things from the shop again. It's super busy.  Spike is lurking in the basement.

There's a humming old man walking into his house with scary music. He's making something for the kids for Halloween and he's all creepy. Everyone's exhausted after the Halloween rush at the store. As Xander and Buffy are watching Anya and Dawn doing the dance of "capitalist superiority" at the cash register, Xander says, "I'm gonna marry that girl" and Buffy says, "Ew, she's 15, and my sister!" Did Joss already know they'd be together later? This is the second time I've wondered that. And he'd only be 20 or 21 at this point, so it's really not that gross that he's only 5 years older than her. It makes more sense than I thought it would. And the eye patch? He definitely knew about Xander's eye, which WHYWHYWHY hasn't Willow fixed that yet? She can bring B back from the dead, but can't fix Xander's eye or turn Amy back into a human? WTF? Ok, foreshadowing/spoiler rant endeth.

So, this is the moment he finally announces their engagement...finally. They have a little engagement party. Willow does magic to decorate for the party. Giles and Tara both disapprove. Tara says, "Why use magic when you can do something naturally?" They fight. Dawn sees and Willow says, "We're done." Bitch! You don't get to declare a fight over. Tara SOO needs to leave her. Dawn is going out with friends. Yeay, Dawn has friends. She tells them she's doing something that she isn't, I can't remember what. She's supposed to be staying the night with a friend and that friend told her mom she's staying at Dawn's. They're meeting the friend's bf and his friend. They're doing typical mean teenager Halloween stuff. It's lame. They end up at that old man's house. He's creepy according to the neighborhood, so knocking on the door is apparently a dare-type activity. He invites them in. The boys insist. He used to be a toy designer. He has treats for them and keeps calling himself "Daddy". He's creepy and everything, but the real danger is that the two boys are vampires. One of them kills the old man in the kitchen. They run out and the girls don't yet know they're vamps.

Xander is looking really nervous talking with everyone about "life plans". Buffy comforts him on the porch. "I'm wallowing, not drowning" says Xander. Buffy goes to patrol with Spike. The vamp that ate the old guy is macking on Dawn and he seems super sweet. Gives her his coat when she's cold, etc. Buffy sees an ambulance taking away a woman with a vamp-bite as she's on her way to find Spike. Dawn's friend's mom calls and tells Giles they did the "round Robin" thing of staying the night, etc. Giles tells everyone, dispenses a plan. Dawn is super nervous, hanging out in the car (a car the other vamp-dude stole) with one of the vamps. They kiss. Her first kiss.

Tara and Willow go to the Bronze to look for Dawn. Willow wants to do a spell to shift everyone that isn't a 15-year old girl into another dimension, but Tara stops her and they start fighting again. Willow mutes the crowd so they can fight in a cone of silence. Tara says, "What do you want me to do? Just keep my mouth shut?" Willow says yes. Bitch!

It's out that they're vamps and Dawn and Jenna are officially in danger. When B gets to Spike's he tells her Dawn's missing, as Giles has already gotten to him. He's in the cemetery when he hears screaming. It's Janet (Dawn's friend), the vamp is chewing on her. He says "she was asking for it". Giles says "I feel certain she wasn't." Awesome. Janet has been portrayed (as far as how she's dressed and the fact that she's a "bad girl" type, though she never acted stupid or stereotypically slutty) as the type a guy would say "asked for it" so this is a good time for commentary on how a women is NEVER asking for it. Yeay for that little moment. Giles fights and kills the vamp. Dawn is being bewitched by her vamp when Giles shows up. A whole bunch of other vamps show up at that moment. Giles and Dawn are surrounded. That's when Spike and B show up. Buffy yells at Dawn. They all fight. Giles stakes two in a row, super hot. Buffy decapitates one with a car door. Dawn and her vamp are alone and you think Dawn is in peril, but she stakes him with a pencil. Giles suggests discipline for Dawn, for lying to them and B thanks him for taking care of it and goes up to bed. Giles does talk to her.

Willow and Tara fight some more. Tara wants to sleep, gets into bed mad and Willow does a spell to make her forget. Bitch! I'm so mad at Willow. So mad.